The City of Vincennes delivers collected curbside recycling to Republic Services. Republic has established new guidelines due to the down-market of recyclables and contaminated recycling. The City of Vincennes will continue to collect curbside recycling from residents at no charge. All recycling collected curbside will need to be inside the Vincennes City recycling totes, items outside the tote will not be collected.

Totes may be purchased at the Clerk Treasurer’s office for $5 each.

If non-recyclable items are observed in totes, nothing will be picked up!


Cardboard must be broken down and inside the recycling totes.

The following is a list of acceptable and non-recyclable items taken from the guidelines provided by Republic Services.


  • All paper grades: Including newspapers, magazines, soft book, junk mail, office paper, manila folders
  • Cans-aluminum, steel
  • Plastic-bottles and jugs (#s 1, 2, & 5)
  • Cardboard-boxboard, brown paper bags




Oversize cardboard                                             Pizza boxes

Plastic bags/film                                                   Styrofoam

Medical waste                                                        Food Waste

Garden hoses                                                         Yard waste

Electronics                                                              Batteries

Microwaveable food trays                                Construction waste

Wax paper/wax cardboard