Snow Route Information

With the upcoming forecast for snow, we feel we should remind the citizens of a few helpful
hints to make snow removal easier and quicker for the snow plow crews.

If you live on a Snow Route as listed below, please follow a few guidelines when we are expecting snow to make it
easier for the Street Department to clean the roads quicker and more efficiently. The quicker the
Snow Routes are cleared, the quicker they can move on to secondary roads and neighborhoods.
* Don’t park on the Snow Routes during a snow event.
* Park in your driveway if you have one or on the nearest side street.

Bayou Street – Sixth to Tenth Street
Washington Ave. – College Avenue to U.S. 50 Overpass
Bruceville Road – Wheatland Road to Hillcrest Ext. Road
Wheatland Road – Sixth Street to city limits
College Ave. – Second Street to YMCA
Willow Street – Second to Sixth Street
Hart Street – Second Street to Highway Bridge (by VFW)
Second Street – Willow Street to Niblack Boulevard
Main Street – Sixth Street to Ramsey Road
Sixth Street – Vigo Street to St. Clair Street
Niblack Blvd. – Second Street to Washington Avenue
Seventh Street – Willow Street to Washington Avenue
Red Skelton Blvd. – Second Street to Oliphant Drive
Tenth Street – Willow Street to Hart Street
St. Clair Street – Second to Sixth Street
Thirteenth Street – Willow Street to Ritterskamp Avenue
Vigo Street – Sixth to Tenth Street
Fifteenth Street – Willow Street to Hart Street
* If it is not necessary to get outSTAY HOME!!
* Snow is harder to plow once it has been driven on. The plows can get more
done if the streets are empty.
* Clear parking lots for which you are responsible, without pushing snow and ice into
adjacent streets, alleys or sidewalks
*  A ridge of snow may be left at the end of your driveway and curb from our plow. We do
our best to minimize this, however; it is the responsibility of the property owner to
remove the snow left by our equipment
* In areas where parking is allowed on both sides of the street, please park only on the even
numbered side of the street during a snow emergency. This will help our equipment get
down some of the narrow streets in town.