Board of Zoning Appeals

The Vincennes Board of Zoning Appeals meets the FIRST THURSDAY of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers at City Hall.

The following are the rules and procedures for presenting petitions to the Vincennes Board of Zoning Appeals.

All the following requirements must be met in order to submit a complete application. Click here to download application Board of Zoning Appeals Application (2)

NO INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL BE INCLUDED ON THE AGENDA. In order to build or otherwise change or modify the use of your land, you must first apply for a land-use permit/improvement location permit from the Knox County Area Plan Commission (K.C.A.P.C.). If the K.C.A.P.C. denies your request, you must obtain an official application form for the Vincennes Board of Zoning Appeals from the City Inspector’s Office in City Hall. Then TEN (10) BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR TO THE NEXT REGULARLY SCHEDULED VINCENNES BOARD OF ZONING APPEALS MEETING:

  • Deliver to the City Inspector’s Office 8 copies of the completed application, including a plat map centered on the lot or lots under consideration, which shows the adjacent lots and the owners thereof. Building, lot size, set back, and all critical dimension of adjoining property owners will b required. If applying for a home occupation use (special exception), a plat of the residence this home occupation use would b conducted in shall be presented showing the section of the residence that would be used.
  • Pay the $25.00 filing fee and retain your receipt.
  • Give general notice via publication in the newspaper. The petitioner’s name and street address must be included in this publication.
  • Send Certified Mail notices to all adjacent landowners (NOT TENNANTS).


Be present to represent your application!! You or your representative must be present to explain your proposed project and answer questions. Applications lacking representation will not be considered.


  • Proof of newspaper publication by showing an Affidavit of Publication signed by the publisher.
  • Proof of Certified Mailing to all contiguous landowners by providing the Returned Receipts signed by the landowners.
  • Photographs of the existing site and the structures to which the changes will occur. For mobile homes, provide a copy of the title for proof of age.